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Cathedral of Shadows Episode 20.5 (VALENTINE'S DAY SPECIAL!) - Peanut Butter

A truly disturbing insight into the mind of a fanfiction writer. Anyone who has read these things would guarantee that any sane person will have trouble accepting that these exist.

Section heading[]

Hosts/Guests: Rasen and Sparky

Run Time: 1:46:18

TIMELINE: 7:10 The Bladed Sun/ Super creepy edgy "badass".

14:38 Peanut Butter/Two guys one jar

23:36 Devil Survivor: Comfort Food/I Honestly can't think of another name for this

51:20 Persona 4: Yosuke Spanks Teddie/Just like in P4A

1:07:28 Fuuka and the Beast/*jersy girl voice*Yous dids whats my mothah Fuuka?

1:31:42 random talk/emails