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Cathedral of Shadows Episode 29.5 (JOJO SPECIAL!) - Filthy Acts at a Reasonable Price

"Jotaro. What did you do just now?"-DIO

"Dunno."-Jotaro Kujo


This CoS episode is the JoJo special, the hosts and guest talk about the individual parts of the JoJo series and their experiences with the series.

Run time: 2:27:05

Hosts: Ransen and Katsu

Guest(s): CrazyTank

Email questions:

1. "How fast can you ORA ORA ORA or MUDA MUDA MUDA?"-Yahweh

Answers: Katsu: Very slow at first but then he pulled through after Rasen failed.

Rasen: He messed up after two ORAs.Better with MUDA.

CrazyTank: Didn't attempt but said he could do it while whispering.

2A."Think of a random song, band, or album that isn't a character/stand in JoJo" - CrisisOfFate

Answers: Katsu: Lotus Juice.

Crazy Tank: MC Hammer.

Rasen: Rage Against the Machine.

They then get a link that gives their stand a power which are:

Rasen: Isolation. "Senpai will never notice Rage Against the Machine."

Katus: His stand, Lotus Juice, gets the power of psychic forcefield generation.

CrazyTank: His stand, MC Hammer, has the power of supernatural manipulation. Crowning quote: "MC Hammer is basically god."

3. "Would you recommend someone to start with the anime or the manga?" -LightBlade.

Answers: Katsu: Anime.

CrazyTank: Anime.

Rasen: Anime, but he really didn't like the first episode since it didn't go into as much detail as the manga, but episode 2 onwards is amazing.

Spoilers for: All JJBA parts.