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Cathedral of Dating is an up and coming dating sim that will be released at the first CoScon.You star as an unnamed twitch chat member trying to romance the many different hosts of the stream, demons, and other chat members.

Dating options:[]

There has been a leaked list of the dating options this information is likely to change until the game's release. The current list includes:

  • Rasen: Canon love interest.
  • Katsu: Best husbando.
  • Sparky: New game plus only.
  • Kevin: Fan fiction writer.
  • Levito: The Canadian Casual.
  • Fang: The Old Dragonslayer
  • Mel: New game plus with Shinjiro costume only.
  • Llama: You need to insert the Konami code to unlock him.
  • Mailbox: Available after you buy your fightstick.
  • Donte: New game plus with Kanye costume only.
  • Mara: Superboss. Has infinite forms.
  • Turbo granny: Unlocked after beating Soul Hackers. Can fuse with Mara after all endings.
  • Samael: Super High School Level Wiki Editor.
  • Antinomy: The Argentinian Dream.
  • Yamoto_Takeru: The most neutral of the dating options. Also a masochist who will challenge any superboss, thusly he is locked in combat with Mara for eternity.
  • Theatricker: The Korean Star.
  • Matador: Dead, in more than one way.
  • Lamar: The son of neutrality.
  • CrisisOfFate: The creator of puns.
  • RaidenHero: Available after you get the Persona 5 Announcement item from Mara's final form.
  • Jaden Smith: How Can CoS-DS Be Real If Nageki Isn't Real.
  • Dash-Con Ballpit: The only option with STDS, is the butt of all jokes.
  • Nageki Fujishiro: True ending.
  • Okosan: Best and fastest Husbiro.
  • Senator Armstrong: You need to unlock the nanomachines first
  • Heat: Unlocked after the musical event.
  • Argilla's Mouth Boobs: You can only date one at a time

The game has no date ending so it can go on forever and you can romance every option if planned carefully. However if you romance an option for to long you will "spend quality time" with that option and the game will end there.