Cathedral of Shadows Podcast Wiki

Here is an archive of all the episodes of the Cathedral of Shadows podcast. Featured Audience Participation (FAP) episodes are always on every tenth episode.

The guide for commonly asked email questions can be found here.

Season 1: You Can [Not] Podcast[]

Main Episodes[]

1. Introduction

2. Rated M for Mara

3. Persona Has Reignited the Cold War

4. Sega x Atlus

5. Super Duper Ultimax Suplex Turbo Arcade Edition HD Remix Hold

6. Cathedral of Tech Issues

7. Spring of Speculation

8. How MegaTen Has Ruined Gaming for Us

9. MegaTen Civil War

10. FAP #1: "So If You Considered Buying a Mara Figurine..."

11. Q. Suplex. Dance. Five.

12. Go Watch G Gundam

13. S.Link FM vs. Cathedral of Shadows

14. "Introductuary"

15. SMT Network vs Cathedral of Shadows

16. Le Podcast

17. Death of MegaTen

18. Avatar Translator

19. News Roundup

20. FAP #2: Waifu Intimidation

21. Please Understand

22. Localization Wave

23. Operation Babefall

24. Need for Speed(runs)

25. S.Link FM vs Cathedral of Shadows 2

Special Episodes[]

6.5 Mailbag: Dirty SMT Confessions

7.5 Halloween Special: IsaBOO!

10.5 Mailbag: Apparantly We're Going on Strike!

11.5 Thanksgiving: Fanfic Reading: Our Sexiest Episode Yet!

14.5 Holiday Special: 2013 Gaming Recap

16.5 Mailbag: Continudity

20.5 Valentine's Day: Fanfic Reading: Peanut Butter

Season 2: Podcast Tendency[]

Main Episodes[]

26. Digital Raidou Saga

27. Best Buy, Best Leaks

28. Rise of Rise

29. "Nocturne Is the Least Likely"

30. FAP #3: The Legendia Thickens


32. The Return

33. Devil Translator

34. Thunder Returns

35. Quantum Release

36.Burning Up In The Atmosphere

37. 2011 Is Here

Special Episodes[]

27.5 Easter: Fanfic Reading: One Hell O' A Mess On Da Bed Sheets

29.5 JoJo Special: Filthy Acts at a Reasonable Price

30.5 Persona 3 Movie: Spring of Birth Commentary