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Featuring dante from devil may cry 2

This needs to be here

Featuring Dante From Devil May Cry

The first example of Dante's apperance

Bootleg donte

A bootleg picture of Spanish Donte from Diablo puede llorar( best translation I could get =l, This is what Rasen thinks all of his fans look like

"Goddammit, everytime" -Katsu

Wether or not this title follows anything SMT related it is applied to all games and forms of media. This is because we need to all be thankfull that we don't get Donte from DMC Devil May Cry instead of the actually good character. He was announced in the CoS FAP announcement video. Though unfortunately Spanish Donte did not make an apperance during the FAP special

Samael: This page smells like Demi-fiend... I mean Mara

This page featuring Mara from SMT