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In Honor of Fiend_Matador who was fused away[]

For those of you unaware, or are new to the CoS community during a short amount of time in the Nocturne


A picture of our comrade that was fused away

streams there was a member of the chat with the name Fiend_Matador. He appeared around the time Rasen and friends fought and defeated Matador, then he decided to stay for awhile. It seemed that he was going to stay until he was fused away (if anyone remembers what part of the stream it was at it please add it). It was at this time the the chat Fiend_Matador also disappeared and hasn't showed up since. I always joked around with him saying that when he was fused away for good that I'd make a Memorial Page on the wiki, but that was when the wiki kind of turned into a site just to house inside jokes, so I really never meant it. However now in honor of the Nocturne streams coming to an end I decided now was a good enough time as any to finally make this page. Rest in pepperoni sandwiches Fiend_Matador, may you rest your bones in pieces friend. If you wish to give your condolences please do so in the comments.-Lamar_108 10/9/14