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The cohost of cathedral of shadows podcast, he is also an administrator of

According to a live stream, Katsu is apparently Black.

The true story of Katsu written by Samael: At the age of 10 months he was abducted by anime character archetypes and raised in Inaba as one of their own. Katsu went to DMWA for 21 years until he realised that he was not an anime character but a talking dog. Upon this realization he embarked on a spiritual adventure to Hyrule fighting many demons along the way. After entering Bowser's Castle in Hyrule and meeting Mastema, he realized that Law was a terrible alignment and went nuetral. He then met Rasen the snail and the two had a glorious friendship for the rest of time, talking about Mara every day and eventually starting a podcast upon realizing that Katsu was just really high off of anime and SMT that both he and Rasen were humans (This happened before the podcast and his sobriety of an extreme overdose of cliche anime character archetypeslasted until episode 7 where he said that he and Rasen were not human). This is a true story... More thruthful than Persona 4's story and battle theme.

Katsu called it. (There were more games on the Persona reveal site.)

In episode 12, we learn that Katsu's father is actually a gigantic whale-like creature named Sin.

Katsu met Rasen while searching for an expert on the SMT franchise. When Katsu found Rasen he sent this email, "hey douchebag wanna be on a blog" to which Rasen replied, "sure prick".