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Mastema and merkabah

The truth of how Mastema can't do anything on his own and would still probably backstab his superiors

My archnemesis next to Yamato, that backstabbing bastard

Don't listen to his lies. He has a suspicious mask too.

Mastema is the most handsome and trustworthy angel in the entire kingdom of the lord. Along with being a figure carved from such grace, Mastema has also been involved in numerious secret raids on The Ring of Gaia, and has over 300 confirmed conversions. In 20XX, Mastema was announced Man of the Universe, being featured in Messian magazine for being so incredibly handsome. All men strive to be as loving and handsome as Mastema, in hopes that one day they may serve the lord as well as he does. (One of Mastema's lies, don't trust him or any other angels.)

He plots against the Podcast and the entire world, kill him on sight.