Cathedral of Shadows Podcast Wiki

Rasen is the host of the Cathedral of Shadows. He hails from the frozen tundra that is Northern Wisconsin and runs the YouTube Channel that Cathedral of Shadows is posted on, RasenReviews. 

YouTube Career[]

Rasen began his YouTube career with a channel that he will not disclose because of its lackluster content. After deleting all of those videos, he decided to start fresh and create a new channel. On April 21, 2010 Rasen created the "RasenReviews" YouTube channel, and he also uploaded a Mega Man 4 review. Rasen, discontent over the nature of the review, deleted it a month later, citing poor mic quality and the trivial nature of reviewing a game someone could just download the ROM for. Around this time, a review of the NES port of Pac-Man was made, and like the Mega Man 4 review deleted quickly. Rasen had this to say about the subject: "Who the fuck wants to watch a review about Pac-Man?" The RasenReviews channel remained a place of random uploads for about three years.

On February 21, 2013 Rasen uploaded a review of the game Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2. Instead of showing footage of the game and going for a formal approach in the style of his Mega Man 4 review, Rasen opted for a more casual, conversational approach in which the video consisted of a Devil Survivor 2 wallpaper background and discussed the various aspects of the game he liked and disliked. Thus the RasenReviews channel gained its second wind, with future reviews for SMT games, other games, movies, and books being created. Rasen also made more SMT content, such as a guide for beginners to help newcomers to the MegaTen franchise, and eventually starting a podcast known as the Cathedral of Shadows with his friend Katsu.