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 This page will remain as a painful remider to Rasen and Katsu that they havent done a CoS on this topic yet and given us an hour of pain for Rasen and enjoyment for us.

So untill then begin the list of OTPs!! Yamato Takeru: Raidou x Nagi (just because i was playing Raidou 2 five minuts ago) Yamato Takeru: Mara x Arioch ( you know why =3)

3. by Samael: King Frost x Yuriko

4. by Jake: Mastema x Everything

5, by  Samael: Yuki-onna x Pyro Jack

6. by Rasen: Nyx x Koromaru

7. by Yamato Takeru: black frost x babel(the gigantic churro)

8. by Samael: Jack the Ripper x Oni-Joro

9. by Jake: The White x the Yamato Perpetual Reactor

10. by Samael: Lilim x Succubus

11. by Johne: Aigis x Demiurge

12. by Chat: Mel x Shinji Ikari Jake: Chris G x Crisis

14. by chat: Lamar x Okosan

15. by Antinomy: Mel x Lamar

16. by Yamato Takeru: Samael x Marie