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Sparky, also known as Spitball Sparky, is a close friend of Rasen-kun who occassionally joins him in his YouTube videos, including Cathedral of Shadows. Sparky is also the admin of Lumine Hall, an online community devoted to the EarthBound series. Sparky lives in Illinois

Sparky and Rasen met through Lumine Hall many years ago and quickly became friends.

Sparky's first appearance on Cathedral of Shadows was the Halloween Episode in which he and Rasen analyze and redicule "creepypastas" that have been written about Persona 3. He is referenced in Episode 6.5 as being a friend of Rasen's who is knowledgable and enjoys the Robopon series.

Sparky is also attempting to perfect his knowledge of specific japanese honorifics after preparing himself for the raging comments

Sparky took a very good whiff of Nocturne on episode 10 while fapping with Rasen and Katsu, it smelt of Dante from Devil May Cry.