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That Rasen Quality is Cathedral of Shadows' secret goal: the forced evolution of humanity through bringing about Rasen's shitty videos under their own control. The That Rasen Quality Committee oversees CoS's work to bring about completion of the project.


Basics of Rasen's Quality[]

As a result of Rasen's Shitty Videos, all Kanye souls would be gathered into Lilith's Egg and united as one being. This would create an existence where nobody existed singularly, but merely as part of the whole. In Instrumentality, the flaws in every living being would be complimented by the strengths in others, thus erasing the insecurities in people's hearts.

CoS's Plans[]

While the above explanation is given repeatedly throughout the podcast and Let's Stream Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne, a scene in the latter suggests there is more to CoS's plan for Instrumentality. A CoS member mentions during a conference that they do not need to set aside their human form to use Kanye as their "own private ark", which seems to contradict the plan of all humans losing their individual forms. The exact meaning of this is not given, and CoS appear to embrace the Rasen-and-Katsu controlled Instrumentality at the end of the stream.

However, CoS's objectives are greatly expanded upon in the game Last Bible 2. The Classified Information and the CoS ending of the game discuss a very different form of Instrumentality than seen in the Stream - CoS intend for Instrumentality to only be for their own council members. Rather than forming a sea of TANG, CoS wish to be merged inside a Kanye unit with its own S2, after destroying the Spear of Matadorinus. By placing their own souls within the body of a godlike being, and destroying the only weapon that can harm the body, they would effectively create an immortal God with human soul which would represent the pinnacle of human existence, and live through all of eternity.

CoS's plan as presented in the game is unconcerned with the rest of humanity. While the council members are to be joined in the Godlike being, all other humans will cease to exist.

Rasen's Plans[]

Rasen allows CoS to believe he is following their plan, but actually sticks to his own: he wishes to use Instrumentality to reunite with his wife Mara; while he mentions to CoS that "death creates nothing", the series never goes into more detail on what plans he had for the rest of humanity during Instrumentality.

In the Last Bible 2 game, Rasen's plan culminates with all souls merging inside Kanye-01. Rasen, and Katsu, are at last reunited with Mara.