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50 shades of yamato cast

The cast of my upcoming book

Notes From Samael: The most stereotypical politician ever, flip flopping from chaos to neutral. (Wrong Yamato in this part)

50 shades of yamato

Beta art for Yamato's new book which is a murder mystery, it's a really good read

Article by Yamato: The strongest of the neutral demons, along with being one of the strongest demons ever, only equal to Samael in terms of Strength. Also Yamato is noted for recently delving into the world of literature (not the kind spread by Yuriko, they have a plot) and is in the process of writing a new book based on his "experiences" with female hunters and demons. As for his relation to the Cathedral of Shadows he enjoys using the podcast to simply pass time when he has hit a writers block and also to keep tabs on the forces of law (Mastema) and chaos (Samael). Yamato has also recently been seen slaying the forces of law along with some of the best of Neutral forces (aka. showing off)


The true power of neutral (Demi- Fiend's Pixie) slaying the archangels along with Yamato Takeru